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Need a place to workout?

Local residents, travelers, tourists, day use, monthly members, weightlifters, CrossFitters, fitness enthusiasts on holiday...I built it so you can train, on land that my grandparents used to grow rice.


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“Since starting, I've felt more energetic, as well as having something to look forward to. I recommend CrossFit to anyone who is looking to improve their physical health, as the program is accessible to all skill levels. The classes are challenging but really fun and rewarding,"

The coaches work with you at your own pace, and with CrossFit, I could feel my strength improving. After a while, knees stopped filling up with fluid, so I didn't have to drain them anymore.  Mentally I feel more positive, physically stronger and I can even lift a 10kg bag of rice.

“After years of suffering from chronic back pain, I came across this couple and CrossFit. My muscle mass improved, body fat ratio decreased, and a stronger core helped me eliminate my back pain completely. I am healthier physically and mentally as a result.”

"The sense of accomplishment and fulfilment at the end of a CrossFit class is addictive. I wanted to avoid age related back and knee problems, this gym opened at the right time. I can now cycle up hill on my bicycle with ease. CrossFit also helped my posture and my weight."

From London, LA, Otoyo, Kochi.

We moved to Otoyo, Kochi prefecture in 2020 to be closer to Violet's aging mother. We quickly found that fitness could be the solution to many issues surrounding this region; from promoting a healthy lifestyle to attracting tourists to revitalise the town.


It took two years to raise the capital to build this facility. Today, Violet, Carlo and their three children can be found working out in the most scenic CrossFit gym in Japan.

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