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Violet Pacileo

Owner & Coach


Before opening CrossFit Otoyo Strength, Violet spent 15 years in the Japanese stock market and used to spend her free time lifting weights. She left her last hedge fund job in 2020 to be closer to her elderly mother in Otoyo, Kochi.  Seeing the economic devastation in the town first-hand, she felt something had to be done.


It took two years of fund raising and business planning to open this scenic CrossFit gym, together with a Tiny House rental, activity rentals, and a riverside BBQ terrace so city workers can enjoy their time away from their busy lives unplugging in the countryside.


The demographic of Otoyo is heavily skewed towards towards over 65 year olds. My goal is to give everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, a choice to be physically and mentally fit so they can live a long and healthy life.

Book a personal training session with Violet:

  • 1hr ¥8,800 (within gym hours)

  • 1hr ¥10,800 (out of hours)

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